3D Art and Design by Aldo Vicente

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Jan 1st 2017 A milestone WIP for my 30-Day Game asset project. I’m working to convert one of my pre-rendered, high-poly characters into a low-poly engine ready asset in 30 days. This is a breakdown of my progress, 15 days in. Retopo, UVs and basic Rigging is done, along with a really rough idle animation. More to come soon!

Feb 15th 2017 A Sci-Fi helmet project put together in just under 40 hours. I really want to get more real-time and game pieces in my portfolio, so I hope to do more of these quick projects soon! This helmet is 6k Tris with 2048×2048 textures. This video shows parts from the entire process; Blockin, Hard Surface Modeling in Maya, Sculpting in Zbrush, Retopo in Maya, UV in Roadkill, and Textures in Quixel Suite 2.